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Tracy and Alex thought of starting a space which was a gallery but also much more, to reflect their very eclectic taste in all the arts.When the chance of the site of the much missed Badcocks Gallery came up, it was an opportunity as if sent from the heavens!

Both Alex and Tracy are practicing artists and see Coddiwomple as much more than just a gallery, its a part of their mutual artistic vision.  They will be showing their own work, and hope to begin a continually changing programme of other artists in a wide range of media.The three different spaces within Coddiwomple provide opportunities for artists to experiment, and also encourage the visitor to look at work they may not usually find in a commercial gallery.Perhaps even places to sit and meet friends and become a part of the Coddiwomple experience.

Everything is for sale, so if you do fall in love with a piece, whether a painting , one of Tracys mosaics or even the chair you are sitting on please just ask about it.

Alex and Tracy want Coddiwomple to grow organically and welcome feedback and proposals that will become part of the adventure that is at the heart of this new space. Already planning to possibly have some live music, poetry, performances and whatever else might find a home here.

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